Thursday, October 7, 2010

Selfridges Releases One Last Yellow Blackberry Bold

For Selfridges‘ 100th birthday, Blackberry created 10 limited edition mobile phones. However, they sold out so quickly that the company has made one more. All people who are interested in the Selfridges Blackberry are told to leave their information and on the last day of May, a name will be drawn. The great part is that you would think it’s a draw to win the phone. I wish I could get this blackberry, the yellow is gorgeous!

Stylish phone Holders by Karl Lagerfeld

(phone holder)

Here is another accessory that is sure to appeal to all fashionistas. Karl Lagerfeld has transformed a black glove into a stylish mobile >phone holder  
*i like this* <3

Samsung x Armani Phone

There will be a new Samsung Armani fashion phone coming from the Korean electronics giant, and this time round it will be powered by the recently announced Windows Mobile 6.5 platform. This new smartphone will apparently launch later this fall.

How much of a cut do you think Armani will ask from Samsung this time round for each handset sold?

psst; i like both !!! 


Terima Kasih Daun Keladi :)

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